Most Importantly, The Reasons They Give For Wanting Medical Regulation Are Illogical.

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Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle, D-Englewood, The Assembly Tourism, Gaming and the Arts Committee approved the bill Monday by a 5-2 vote. A separate bill sponsored by Huttle goes further and seeks to establish a statewide regulatory framework for short-term rentals where none currently exists. It would codify that municipalities are authorized to prohibit such rentals and would require anyone who wants to offer a short-term rental to first register with their municipality, among other restrictions. The current practices of short-term rental businesses lack the necessary safety precautions for our municipalities, Huttle said in a statement after the same Assembly panel voted unanimously to advance the bill. Schottenfels, on the other hand, testified that the bill would usurp local control by imposing a top-down solution and called it a solution in search of a problem. Senate versions of the bills have not been introduced. Other highlights of Mondays committee hearings included: Vaping An Assembly health panel voted 7-2 with two abstentions to advance a bill that would ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes except for tobacco, clove and menthol flavors. The legislation, which advanced out of a Senate committee in May , has pitted anti-smoking advocates, who say that many flavored electronic smoking products are targeted at children, against vaping enthusiasts, who say that their habit had enabled them to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes while still getting a nicotine hit. Basit Memon, who owns Aladdins Glass & Vape Shop in Lodi, said last year that e-cigarettes have helped many of his customers quit smoking. (Photo: Michael Karas/Staff Photographer) Current law prohibits the sale or distribution of cigarettes that have a characterizing flavor other than tobacco, clove, or menthol, but that prohibition does not apply to electronic smoking devices, cartridges or other components, including liquid refills, according to the bills sponsors. College fees The Assembly Higher Education Committee advanced a measure that seeks to add transparency to how public and for-profit degree-granting institutions in New Jersey determine their mandatory student fees. The bill would also require all colleges and universities in the state to provide a financial aid shopping sheet to each prospective student as part of its financial aid process.


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Who gets to pick what is "effective?" I use a 6 mg liquid on an eGo VV with a drip tip. That is effective for me. Everyone good with that for themselves? Most importantly, the reasons they give for wanting medical regulation are illogical. Do e-cigarettes really need to be licensed and regulated as medicines to ensure truthful labeling (which is what it really comes down to?) If an energy drink says it contains 20 mg of caffeine, but really only contains 18 mg, do energy drinks need to be regulated as medicines then? Or are there already truth in advertising laws already in place to handle this issue? Do energy drinks have to prove that they are "effective" for caffeine delivery and energy creation? Or do people try them and decide for themselves whether or not the drink does for them what they expect? How are e-cigarettes any different?